Business Central Bank Feeds by SISS

Business Central bank feeds

Getting bank transaction data securely and efficiently into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is critical. Many customers have traditionally used manual data import, or screen-scraping services, to upload their bank transactions into the system. These processes can lead to errors, inefficiencies and security risks.

ACSISS Connect is the new service from SISS Data Services, a Dialog Information Technology partner. As Australia’s largest independent provider of direct bank data feeds for accounting applications, ACSISS Connect enables Business Central customers to have their bank transaction data securely collected from their bank, and delivered to the cash management module, without the need for manual imports.

ACSISS Connect is bank-approved, and works with all major Australian banks.

To find out more about ACSISS Connect, please join this free, 30-minute webinar on Wed June 22, 2022 9:30am AEST.

The webinar will cover

  • The risks/costs of manual bank data processing in Business Central
  • The benefits of secure bank-approved data feeds
  • How ACSISS Connect can help your business
  • How to implement secure bank data feeds for Business Central

Email for further details.