Dialog wins another Client for its Managed Payroll Service

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November 21, 2017

Dialog’s Service

Dialog’s Managed Payroll service is a “Business Process as a Service” offering that removes the burden of managing and processing payrolls from your Finance and Administration team, and places that responsibility with Dialog’s team of payroll professionals.

Dialog’s Managed Payroll team ensures your payroll is compliant with all state and federal legislation, manages all aspects of payroll processing including preparation of banking files, emailing of payslips, remittance of superannuation in accordance with Superstream, and delivers your reports electronically.

Our Managed Payroll team becomes your Pay Office, managing all updates relating to changes in Employee details, pay rates, entitlement and deductions, and dealing with Employee pay enquiries via our 1300 phone or email support lines.

Customer Success

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is the national government body responsible for safety, regulation and compliance of the trucking industry. Dialog QLD Services has provided consultancy services to NHVR in the past.

A decision to bring the heavy vehicle inspection & compliance teams in each state under a common management meant that the Queensland based head office urgently needed to set up a central payroll facility.

Dialog was selected in a competitive bid to provide a managed payroll service for NHVR. Once all states are on-board, Dialog will be managing the payroll for 300 employees.

The payroll service uses Dialog’s Microsoft Dynamics payroll solution, integrated to the Deputy rostering system and Subscribe-HR Employee Self Service. The Dialog Dynamics payroll team will run all pays and provide support to NHVR HR staff.

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