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August 30, 2017

Is your market trading system inflexible, lacking the latest capabilities, cannot easily be updated or scaled to keep up with your business needs?

Can your market trading system keep up with your business growth, changing needs or technologies? Is it hindering rather than helping your business?

If this sounds familiar then we’d like to have a chat.

Give us the opportunity to better understand your business objectives and the issues facing you business achieving these. We will work with you to explore how our new Microsoft solution, LINKFRESH, could assist food producers deliver efficiencies and increase sales and revenue.

How we can help

Dialog’s LINKFRESH solution provides a complete Management solution for the food industry enabling companies in the fresh produce and food processing supply chain to move, track and trace products to market with speed, efficiency, transparency and profitability – all in real time!

The LINKFESH solution has been designed by fresh produce industry specialists to speak the language of fresh produce and to provide a flexible solution for the challenges and needs faced by produce supply chain businesses in an increasingly global industry.

Fresh Produce Modules and Applications

LINKFRESH provides businesses with modules and applications designed specifically to ensure businesses

  • Have food supply chain traceability
  • Stay ahead of demands, reduce lead times and expedite fulfilment
  • Improve inventory management
  • Easily connect with customers and suppliers to improve service
  • Meet compliance specifications

We can help you grow your business

For more information and to arrange a time to discuss please contact us.

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