Transform your food production business with LINKFRESH

How a LINKFRESH solution by Dialog can dramatically improve your food production business.

As an Aussie food supplier, you’re operating in an extremely demanding and competitive sector, with huge pressure to deliver high quality produce, on time, against increasingly tight deadlines and at reduced prices. In this environment, your use of technology can make the difference between success and failure.

Yet, many food producers are still using a diverse range of incompatible apps, tools and manual processes which are slow, difficult to use and lack overarching insight. Many also don’t have the time to focus on a new IT project, despite the potential benefits.

How can LINKFRESH and Dialog IT help?

LINKFRESH is a powerful new fresh food management solution, specifically designed for the food supply sector – already used by a number of clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. It helps businesses that specialise in fresh produce, meat, egg and food processing to move, track and trace products to market with speed, efficiency, transparency and profitability – in real time. LINKFRESH delivers:

TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN TRUSTIntegrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics® through easy to use, add-on modules and applications. In fact, it’s the only Microsoft certified solution for the fresh food industry.
TRACEABILITYEnables you to quickly and easily determine what’s happening across your supply chain at any point in time, and see the details via a clear dashboard.
INSIGHTBrings together your disconnected data and delivers real-time results to help you rectify problems before they escalate, determine areas of inefficiency, and make more informed decisions.
AUTOMATIONHelps you automate processes you previously did manually, reducing errors and saving you time and money.
ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ACCESSAs LINKFRESH is based in the cloud, you can access it anywhere, and on any internet-enabled device.


Plus, the experienced team at Dialog IT can provide you with a customised solution based on LINKFRESH, and can care of all of the implementation and management on your behalf – requiring only a small amount of your time, and with very minimal disruption to your business.

How it works 

Success Story: N&A

See how N&A revolutionised its business with LINKFRESH

How to get started

At Dialog IT, we understand that updating your IT systems is probably the last thing you have time for – regardless of the value that an ERP solution like LINKFRESHTM can bring to your overall business. It’s why we use a clear, six-step process and can manage everything for you, from start to finish.

Step #1: Diagnosis

We work with you to determine if LINKFRESH is a good fit for your business, the potentials savings, and if it fits your budget.
Step #4: Development

We build and test your new LINKFRESH solution, and develop training material to help you start using it.
Step #2: Analysis

We look at your processes, data and IT infrastructure in more detail.
Step #5: Deployment

We test, address any issues and once everything is ready, we go live!
Step #3: Design

We design a solution based on your needs and create a plan for updating your data and your IT infrastructure.
Step #6: Ongoing management

We continue to support and manage your solution for as long as you need us to.

Want to learn more?

Get all the details you need with this overview of Dialog IT’s  LINKFRESH solution.


Estimate savings is based on our experience on savings per employee combined with feedback on each area of potential improvement.

How to use the BVA calculator: Enter the number of part time and full time user in your business, then on the sliding scale please choose the area of savings and improvement  ranging from 1 to 5, where 1 being minimum and 5 being maximum.

It shall then provide you with estimated minimum and maximum savings.

Want to find out more? 

If you’re interested in finding out how Dialog IT could help your food supply business, talk to our expert team today on  +61 2 8423 5502 or 0411 701 877  

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