Drink-IT is a complete and easy-to-use beverage industry software solution covering your entire value chain. Drink-IT simplifies your business, makes your processes more effective and makes your business more profitable. The solution powers some of the most well-run beverage companies in the world, ranging from mid-size companies to the world’s largest.  These include, by industry:

  • Brewery
  • Distillery
  • Wholesale Distributor
  • Soft Drinks and Water
  • Bottler
  • Cider Manufacturer

Drink-IT addresses all the unique challenges of the beverage industry, including the need for detailed profitability analysis, integrated production and quality management, order fulfilment, and customer service. With Drink-IT you will be able to manage your pricing and discounts professionally and make 

it easy to handle your tax, and container management. 

Drink-IT® Foundation: 

Product Management 

  • Product traceability, from raw materials to customers and vice versa 
  • Expiration dates 

Tax Management 

  • Automated handling of multiple taxes 
  • Easy handling of tax reporting for country specific declarations and inventory control 
  • Configure eco-taxes simultaneously 
  • Integration across all Drink-IT modules 

Deposit Management 

  • No loss or misuse of returnable assets 
  • Automatic calculation deposits for full /empty goods 
  • Integrated with inventory, sales and purchase 
  • Follow-up empty goods based on customer returns  
  • Deposit limit calculation and warnings 
  • Automatic separate invoicing of full goods and deposits 

Discounts and Promotions

  • Multiple simultaneous discounts and promotions 
  • Volume-based periodic rebates, free items and automatically generated promotions 
  • Handle free items and automatic promotions 
  • Fully integrated with sales and purchase 
  • Detailed logging for analysis 

Transport Management 

  • Easily assign drivers and trucks 
  • Optimized route planning 
  • Pre-set routes for each day 
  • See constraints on weight, volume, delivery date 
  • See needed actions on loads 
  • Manage external logistics partners 

Drink-IT® Optional Modules: 

Beverage Production 

  • Automated production order management and capacity planning for equipment 
  • Automated forecast-based macro planning calculations for use when calculating purchase contracts and production plans 
  • Automated lot traceability of raw materials and intermediate and finished products 

Quality Control 

  • Automated in-process tests and ad hoc tests 
  • Forward and backward tracking 
  • Bad test results automatically block operations 
  • Extensive quality reporting 

Plant Maintenance 

  • Capture consumed-time information effortless and flexibly 
  • Automatically log spare parts on work orders  
  • Easy time and spare-parts reporting 
    • Spare parts information is automatically used for purchase requisition planning 


  • Calls based on a predefined calling plan 
  • Access to predefined delivery routes èoptimize your delivery cost 
  • Integrates to your product, distribution and sales systems 
  • Current promotions, history and discount alerts 
  • Up-selling with volume discount rewards

Enhanced Warehouse Scanning 

  • Integrated with the SSCC pallet tracking module 
  • Assignment of warehouse tasks 
  • Handling of full and mixed pallets 
  • Stocks corrections at lot and/or pallet level 
  • Split and join pallets via scanner 
  • Registration of consumed raw materials and finished products 
  • Check correctness of purchase receipts / shipments 
  • Easier handling of returned items 
  • SSCC Tracking management 


  • Production performance analysis (execution against capacity and resources used) 
  • Material flow tracking –see losses from raw material to finished goods on pallets or in bulk 
  • Parameter monitoring –compare product parameters with specifications 
  • Enabled for integration with industrial hardware such as controllers, barcode scanners, matrix lasers, cameras and more 


  • follow-up on volume commitment 
  • discounts and commitments view 
  • follow-up on actual versus budget 

Shop Management 

Sponsoring and Events 


  • Earnings and withdrawal of loyalty points 
  • Points on sales, donations and more 
  • Manage how the customer can use points 

For more information, please contact Dialog directly or refer to the Drink-IT website.


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