e-Con CPQ


Custom with the ease of standard.

e-Con CPQ helps businesses sell custom products and services easily and accurately. Dialog’s cusstomers using e- Con value it for incredible integration, customer-centric interface, low maintenance, and power to handle even the most complex catalogues and calculations seamlessly. No lag. Real-time data. The power to read and write to any D365 entity, out-of-the-box. Now that’s an industry-leading solution.

The Secret to Delivering Ease and Efficiency

Almost twenty years ago the first version was written to interface Dynamics NAV. 365. Experlogix have engineered the use of metadata to read/write to D365 directly, and this single innovation gave e-Con CPQ significant advantages over competitors that users still enjoy today.

Unlike other CPQs, the configurator doesn’t use a proprietary database! e-Con and Dynamics 365 BC live together without need for uploads or extra effort to unify processes. The result? Real-time, error-free information is instantly available to all users, whether they’re working in e-Con CPQ or Dynamics 365. It’s why e-Con CPQ quotes convert instantly to production ready orders, backed by real-time configurations for products and services, pricing, project calculations, specs, documentation, and customer knowledge.

Easier to set-up, update and maintain

The data structure gives customers more value while lowering cost. A significant cost with CPQ is modeling your offerings, so that the CPQ knows where to look and what to do with your data. Dealing with a third-party database adds a layer of complexity to this process that our users don’t have to mess with.

e-Con users read and write to any table in Dynamics 365 by drag-and-drop, making good use of all the logic and data you’ve already put into Dynamics to create unlimited rules, levels, and functions.

To speed up the process even more a robust modeling toolkit for e-Con Studio is developed. Modelers can nest sub-models within models and use cut-copy-paste and edit features to cut down the busy-work even more. If there’s one thing you’ll walk away with when you work with e-Con, it is this:  Difficult things are made easy.

  • Create a single source of truth by drag ‘n drop
    • Train your team to model with e-Con Studio for even more agility and value
    • Training takes one day
    • Robust modeling toolkit drives efficiency and ease

A CPQ for you AND your customers

Many CPQs deliver rigid questionnaires that must be completed in sequential order. This can cause problems when a ‘mistake’ early only becomes apparent much later in the form. When that happens, the entire process must start over to correct the mistake. The more complex your offerings become, the more frequently users must retrace their steps, leading to increasingly burdensome and frustrating experiences.

E-Con’s Declarative Rules Engine enables the end-user to fill out form fields in any order they choose. Rules are applied consistently to filter out impossible combinations on the fly. Selection of an impossible combination will bring an error message with the relevant selections highlighted, allowing the user to make a correction without losing previous work.

  • Declarative Rules Engine supports a more satisfying, streamlined customer experience
    • Becomes increasingly advantageous the more complex you become

Integrating Operations and Sales

Many of e-Con customers need CPQ to synchronize and coordinate Sales and Operations. Again, fueled by an advantageous data structure, e-Con configurations can be pulled and pushed immediately to any Dynamics 365 area, Sales or Operations. As soon as a configuration is processed, all relevant data and information can be generated with a single click. Quotes, orders agreements, routings, BOMs, and more are ready in Dynamics 365 within seconds.

  • One source of truth
    • Sales and Operations data made instantly available
    • Automated order documentation including routing, BOM and more
    • Out-of-the-box integration with PowerBI drives real-time analytics

CPQ wherever you want, for whoever you want

The most challenging aspect of e-Con is deciding what to do with it. Customers use e-Con to configure products, services, and projects. They deploy to Dynamics, self-service portals, web shops, and browsers. The user interface is fully responsive, so any device can interact with e-Con easily, whether smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

The licensing structure supports the same flexibility. E-Con is charged based on the maximum number of users to use e-Con at the same time, not on named users. For some deployments, as with sales teams, there might not be a large difference between these models. Every salesperson you name could use CPQ all day. But resellers and e-Commerce work quite differently. Each individual might use e-Con only once, or infrequently.

Concurrent licensing allows you to deploy e-Con without budget risk. Then, as more people use e-Con to buy, concurrent licenses can be increased, ensuring high return on investment.

When you choose e-Con, your options are limitless.

  • Visionary CPQ delivers longevity and expansion potential
    • Efficient licensing structure supports growth
    • Deploy for products, services or projects
    • Deploy to Dynamics, self-service portals, e-Commerce, or anything accessible by browser
    • Use e-Con from any device

For more information, please contact Dialog directly or refer to the Experlogix website.


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