Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory

Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory is a mobile barcode scanning solution that supports the work processes in the warehouse and integrates to the standard functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV.

It features a stunning graphical user interface which is easy to use and can be configured to fit the needs of the individual user. Your warehouse employees will be more efficient and make fewer mistakes as Mobile WMS provides the tools and information needed to work effectively.

The Mobile WMS solution supports the Android operating system. This leads to a stable and future proof solution

Mobile WMS has been designed with focus on minimizing clicks and irrelevant information. Users will spend minimal time on user training

The core working processes can be performed without any network connection. The result is a stable solution with great performance

Mobile WMS has been designed so it can be extended with custom functionality easily

Installation and support of the solution is easy as it is directly integrated with the standard features of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV

Functions include:

  • Register and control items against purchase orders. Supports expiry dates, LOT and serial numbers
  • Assign a shelf (BIN) to the received items
  • Pick items and prepare them for shipment or production as single or consolidated orders
  • Count items according to inventory journals or as unplanned counts
  • Perform planned or unplanned movements of item
  • Look-up the content of a warehouse shelf (BIN)
  • Look-up the location and the quantities of an item
  • Remove items from the inventory and provide a reason code
  • Associate a barcode with an item
  • Look-up substitute item
  • Initiate print of reports/labels from the mobile device
  • Enter shipping and carrier information to speed up processing

For more information, please contact Dialog directly or refer to the Tasklet Factory website.


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