ACSISS Connect

Automatic Bank Data Collection

Manually importing bank transaction data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be inefficient, error-prone and may jeopardise security. ACSISS Connect, by SISS Data Services, provides a more secure, more automated method to import bank transaction data from accounts held with leading Australian banks.

Operating with the consent of the account holder, and under agreements with participating banks, ACSISS Connect delivers a daily feed of transactions from the customer’s nominated accounts into their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. As the data is sourced from participating banks’ core banking systems, transaction records are both detailed and accurate. ACSISS Connect does not require users to log in to online banking and so avoids the challenges of sharing banking credentials with staff. Furthermore, there is no download/upload of files – data is delivered directly and securely into the bank reconciliations page of Microsoft Dynamics.

Key Benefits of ACSISS Connect include

  • Efficiency: Manual download / upload processes are eliminated
  • Security: No need to share online banking credentials
  • Accuracy: Data is sourced from core banking systems and error-checked prior to delivery
  • Usability: Transaction data is detail-rich
  • Reliability: ACSISS is provided by SISS Data Services, which has a 10+ year track record of secure data delivery for leading software platforms

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