Soft4RealEstate is a software solution that automates processes and increases work performance with features built specifically to meet property management needs.  As stated previously, Soft4RealEstate is one option that is available and for the purpose of this proposal, costing and product information is provided below.

The following components are available:

  • Property Lease Sales – Manage the sales pipeline: track and monitor leads and opportunities in the pipeline for all vacant premises, generate reports to visualise information about sales stages, analyse the sales team’s performance and manage communications with existing and potential clients.
  • Lease unit management Create a multilevel unit structure and keep track of unit area changes. Add assets to units, upload pictures, floor maps, add notes and save links related to a specific unit or property directly
  • Tenant management – Store tenant data: company information, contact information, personal data (as per GDPR requirements), bank accounts. Track due invoices, debts and payments.
  • Lease contract management – Save time creating lease contracts on your branded templates with all the contract data filled in automatically, set up various pricing rules; add multiple services or lease units to one contract, set reminders on contract expiration date. Attach all the related lease documents to the Lease Contract Card to have all data in one place.
  • Common area maintenance (CAM) calculation – Control fees for maintenance, heating, water supply, electricity, security etc. Set up meters, track meter readings and save your time on calculating Common Area Maintenance fees based on the rules set up in the system.
  • Work orders management – Solve property maintenance issues efficiently. Track customer requests and plan your maintenance work, create work orders, set up appointment times and assign them to your employees.
  • Maintenance management – Create a recurring maintenance schedule (assets inspection, elevator checks, other periodic activities).
  • Tenant self-service portal – Grant tenants access to the web portal where they can check their contract details, input work orders and track their status, download invoices and see payment history.
  • Billing and invoicing – Create invoices for the entire properties, or just for specific services/tenants/lease units based on charges calculated. Send out invoices automatically in PDF by email or paper invoices by mail to the tenants.
  • Property reporting and analytics – Enjoy easy access real time analytical and financial reporting and statistics by territory, building, sites or units as well as detailed rent, lease status, sales and financial reports.
  • Financial management and accounting –Benefit from integrated financial accounting: create complete building, unit, lease, and tenant records to invoice your clients and manage overdue debts.
  • E-signature –Feature for the electronic signing of contracts and other related documents.

For more information, please contact Dialog directly or refer to the Soft4RealEstate website.


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