Subscribe-HR’s Cloud HR software solutions transform even the most complicated big data chaos into simple, efficient processes that save you both time and money. Subscribe-HR’s integrated suite of 11 Cloud based People Management Software solutions, make it easier than ever for you to say goodbye to paperwork, so long to spreadsheets, and see you later to out-dated legacy systems. Forever.

Say hello instead, to making your people happy and contributing to business strategy with a depth of efficiency and insight you never thought possible. With the leading Cloud HR Software and e-Recruitment software working for you, your organisation is on a fast track to HR success.

Choose from the options below:

  • Core-HR – To build a great organisation with great people, you need a solid foundation that you know you can rely on. Subscribe-HR’s Core-HR solution provides you with exactly that – the best foundation on which to build your people platform. We’ve made it simple. Core-HR and Performance Management work as stand-alone options, or you can team it with e-Recruitment for a truly integrated solution to manage the entire employee lifecycle from first touch, to last goodbye. Start Employee on-boarding in a professional manner now.
  • e-Recruitment – Recruitment is the front door of your organisation. How people feel during these first few steps are what they will remember about you the most, therefore it’s important to make a great first impression. You also need the power to harness your social reach and tap into the passive candidate market via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Once contact has been made, you will want to align values, and really make sure your next employee is a perfect fit, not just for the role, but for your culture too. Subscribe-HR’s e-Recruitment solution makes all this possible. And more.
  • Talent Management – Harness the power of both traditional Talent Management and crowd sourced performance feedback, to create an organisation that thrives on communication, exchange and honesty. The Pi (∏) solution allows your organisation to manage your team in a democratic, egalitarian and transparent manner by incorporating Development and Action Plans (Organise, Supervise and Deputise), as well as real-time feedback (Kudos). Use Instant Employee Pulse Survey Capabilities to feel what is going on in your business.
  • Employee Self-Service – Employees can have access anywhere, anytime, freeing you up to spend even more time with your people. You’re in control of access levels, so your information is always in the right hands. Give the power to your people. Using Self-Service in conjunction with the Subscribe-HR BPMN Workflow Solution all of your processes can be automated: E.g. Requisition, Job Interviews, Contract Signing, Tax Forms, Company Policies, Timesheets, Absence and more… Now that’s powerful!
  • Workflow – As an HR Manager, it’s challenging to stay on top of all that information. We understand how demanding this can be. With Workflow, you can configure your system to automate the HR processes, procedures and tasks of your choice; from birthdays to license expiry, contract sign-off to exit interviews, you name it, you can automate it.
  • Reporting – Take your big data analytics abilities to the next level, with customisable reporting that enables you to slice, dice, measure, analyse, share and shine. With elegant graphical reporting only a mouse click away, you can report on everything without even breaking a sweat. Not only that, you can easily share your dazzling data with your colleagues and Management. Real-time, accurate information means enhanced decision-making ability and strategic insight.

For more information, please contact Dialog directly or refer to the Subscribe-HR website.


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