Your complete staff management toolkit

Dialog Dynamics Payroll Solutions partners with Deputy to provide scalable, customisable workforce management tools that can be in use anywhere and anytime, fully integrated with the Dialog PayFocus payroll solution. Deputy Enterprise is built from the ground up to help large organisations take the headache out of ensuring accurate staffing levels, payroll compliance, and attestation.

Benefits for your Organization:

  • Define custom Workplace Awards to suit your organisation
  • Customisable organisational structure, roles, and permission
  • Easily manage compliance and attestation
  • Built for security and scalability


Key features of Deputy:

  • Rostering: Create optimised rosters with a click. Roster employees in different areas and locations. Publish Rosters and notify your employees over email, SMS or push notification. Employees can self-manage their leave and unavailability.

  • Time and attendance: Easily track employee hours. Seamlessly export to payroll. It captures start and end shift through any device or kiosk, easily review and approve timesheets prior to export. Export to your preferred payroll platform in a just a few clicks. Generate invoices based on hours worked per customer / task / activity straight into your favourite accounting software. Auto allocate rates, job codes or employees per invoice line.

  • Collaboration: Improve Workplace Communication by replacing emails and SMS with Deputy Newsfeed. Request confirmation to ensure your team have read attachments or confirmed attendance. Flexibility to message individual employees or your entire team. With simple few steps you can start a conversation by allowing your employees to comment on post.



  • Tasking: With My Tasks, anybody can create and assign tasks to individual team members, or themselves, to make managing the workload easier. Dashboard allows managers to easily keep track of any task status. Create and complete tasks on the go, with real time updates across all devices. You can schedule a task as a one off, or set regular tasks to repeat at certain times. Add notes or checklists to any task to make sure nothing is missed.


  • Auto scheduling: Auto-Scheduling takes the guesswork out of building your shift structure. Accurately forecast how many people you need working at any time using multiple demand signals (like sales, foot traffic and bookings). With Auto-Scheduling you’ll always have the right amount of staff when it matters most.

  • On site time clock: Our time clock app, Kiosk, captures your employees as they start their shifts from your onsite iPad. Kiosk will immediately show your employees the tasks they need to complete during their shift, as soon as they clock in. With our Multi-Tasking feature, employees can clock in and out without closing the Point of Sale screen. It provides management and their team the perfect channel to communicate, collaborate and share important updates all in one place.

  • Performance management: last but not least, your employee matters, so get a customized reports to get a clear overview of how your team are tracking on performance. Save time by adding a simple rating or comment on employee performance directly to their timesheets as you approve them. You can also nurture members of your team that might need some extra support or training.

Sounds amazing but not sure how it would work for your business? Contact Dialog Dynamics today to find out how Deputy can transform your workforce management. 

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