LINKFRESH is seamlessly integrated to connect and empower all areas of your fresh produce business using a single platform. Whether it’s finance, sales and purchasing, consignments and trading, production and inventory, quality control, logistics, customer care, food safety, or traceability.

Since inception, LINKFRESH has been a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics packaged solution designed and developed by food industry specialists to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX. In less than a decade, LINKFRESH has gained a majority market share providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to the food sector in the United Kingdom alone and after partnering with Dialog Dynamics will revolutionise the Australian fresh food industry.

As a reliable and proven ERP solution, LINKFRESH is the ideal, real time technology platform to address the rapidly changing requirements of the food supply chain sector.

Reported customer benefits include:

  • Improved efficiencies through reductions in data duplication
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Reduction in paper based processes
  • Full visibility and traceability of stock movements
  • Transparency of operations
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved operational practices
  • Rapid access to key performance indicators
  • Increased profitability


Fresh Food Industry Specialists

LINKFRESH provides flexible solutions for fresh produce and egg operations. Within the egg sector, LINKFRESH provides feed and flock management transparency and traceability. Further, LINKFRESH provides solutions in a single, robust system that also efficiently handles complex egg operations including:

  • Tracking, tracing, grading
  • Forecasting of feed operations
  • Compliance with multiple legislative jurisdictions and requirements
  • Multiple responsibility centres
  • Multiple units of measure – weights, counts or cases
  • Depreciation as well as grow and malt costs
  • Egg, box and label printing

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Move, Track and Trace fresh produce in real time.

LINKFRESH is a leading packaged business management system for the fresh food sector and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified add-on package.

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