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Subscribe-HR is inspired to Helping Create Sustainable Workforces Globally, by delivering People Loving Technology to HR Leaders who utilise our HR Automation and Culture Creation Enterprise Cloud Platform. We write about HR thought leadership, HR Technology usage and functional developments. Subscribe-HR helps create more time for HR Professionals to do more of what they want to do and less of the old administration stuff. That’s our reason for being.

We chose to make our solutions available to you via a Cloud based, Software-as-a-Service delivery model because we know this model gives customers access to the latest technology available, at the best possible price. That means you can reap the rewards of always having access to the most innovative, cost-effective, agile software available. It also means your e-Recruitment, Onboarding, Surveys, HR and Performance Management software solution is future-proofed, because Cloud based solutions flex and scale, not just with the needs of your organisation, but also with new advances in technology.

We provide you with the tools you need to be free of the administrative burden that HR entails, so that you have the time to put the ‘Human’ back in Human Resources. We understand that the personal touch means everything.

We also provide you with the tools you need to accurately analyse the big data requirements that HR demands. Now you have the information you need to make better decisions and contribute to overall business strategy. Knowledge really is power.

So, Subscribe-HR is the most flexible, configurable HR Technology in the world. Without question. As a result of our flexibility, you save. When comparing Subscribe-HR with out HR system, Subscribe-HR can deploy much more, for much less. Due to the Platform we have designed, to ensure you can do what you need to do, without the need for programming. Or if you need to code something, you can use your our resource and our IDE to create your own Business APPs.

A World first in an End-to-End encompassing HR Technology. So we cover, e-Recruitment and Talent Sourcing, Applicant Questionnaires, Contract Sign-Off Automation, Auto BackGround Checking (Through our Partners), Onboarding, Survey Automation, Core-HR Management, Performance Management, Employee Life-cycle Surveys, Real-Time Feedback, Reporting, Workflow, outstanding configuration, Integrated Development Tools, RESTful API (Talk with other systems), Dashboard Analysis and Payroll Integration (We integrate with over 10 Payroll Systems and offer out of the box integration with many Leading Payroll Software systems both cloud and on-premise).

Think of for HR. A platform that allows end users to take control of set-up. Or if you need set-up assistance, Subscribe-HR offers a Set-up Bureau. We will set you up with your instructions, we know you are busy and we want you to tell a great story about Subscribe-HR at your management meeting. So we focus on core friction point automation as turn-key offerings. We know what HR professionals need to get more time to focus on strategy. So let’s start with this.

For more information on Subscribe HR software and its module, contact Dialog Dynamics.

Ultimately, we’re here to make the lives of HR Professionals and their employees, better, happier and more productive. If we can do this for you via our software, then that makes us happy.

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