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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central, an all-in-one business management solution designed for growing businesses looking to easily upgrade from their entry-level accounting software and legacy ERP systems. Business Central helps organizations manage finances, operations, sales and customer service, to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions. Watch Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner Opportunity in action.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Navision brings the full power of Dynamics NAV to the cloud. As such, Business Central has at its foundation a set of trusted, proven technologies that have served millions of users worldwide. As a single, end-to-end application, Business Central helps organizations: Connect your business. Unify business, and boost efficiency with automated tasks and workflows—all integrated within familiar Office tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Why Dialog Dynamics? 

Dialog Dynamics is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner  this means we have demonstrated our expertise to Microsoft and achieved the highest standards of Microsoft’s partnership program.

  • We comprise of extensive knowledge, experience and team of professionals for industry wide solutions. We can analyse your specific requirements and customise to deliver best possible solutions to automate your business processes.
  • PayFocus Payroll is an ATO approved payroll solution written by Dialog ERP. Over 200 customers use the product. PayFocus is Microsoft certified and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and with Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Our highly experienced consultants specialise in the configuration, implementation and ongoing support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system
  • The team at Dialog Dynamics has helped hundreds of businesses grow and adapt to changing market conditions with ease. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage large projects whilst also being nimble enough to cater for smaller clients’ needs.
  • We ensure that Consultants are to date with Microsoft D365 ERP technologies and updates.

Why Business Central? 

Manage your financials

  • Make informed decisions

Connect data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions to get an end-to-end view of your business. Chart financial performance in real time with built-in Power BI dashboards.

  • Accelerate financial close and reporting

Streamline accounts receivables and payables, and automatically reconcile accounts to close and report on financials quickly and accurately, while maintaining compliance.

  • Improve forecast accuracy

Refine financial forecasts by modelling and analysing data across multiple dimensions. Customize reports using seamless Microsoft Excel integration.


Automate and secure your supply chain

  • Optimize inventory levels

Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish. Purchase only what you need with dynamically updated inventory levels.

  • Avoid lost sales and reduce shortages

Maintain the right amount of inventory by automatically calculating stock levels, lead times, and reorder points. Suggest substitutes when requested items are out of stock.

  • Maximize profitability

Get recommendations on when to pay vendors to use vendor discounts or avoid overdue penalties. Prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases through approval workflows.

Sell smarter and improve customer service​

  • Deliver value at every touch point

Prioritize sales leads based on revenue potential. Keep track of all customer interactions and get guidance on best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle.

  • Boost sales productivity

Accelerate the quote to cash process. Act quickly on sales-related inquiries, manage service requests, and process payments—all from within Outlook.

  • Deliver exceptional service

Gain a comprehensive overview of your service tasks, workloads, and employee skills to effectively assign resources and accelerate case resolution.

Keep projects on time and under budget​

  • Stay on budget

Create, manage, and track customer projects using timesheets along with advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. Develop, modify, and control budgets to ensure project profitability.

  • Plan with precision

Manage resource levels by planning capacity and sales. Track invoicing for customers against planned costs on orders and quotes.

  • Analyse project performance

Make effective decisions with real-time insight on project status, profitability, and resource-usage metrics.

Optimize your operations

  • Manage forecasting to fulfillment

Use sales forecasts and expected stock-outs to automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders..

  • Run your warehousing efficiently

Get a holistic view of inventory for efficient order fulfillment. Track every item transaction and movement by setting up bins based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.

  • Reach optimal output levels

Calculate and optimize manufacturing capacity and resources to improve production schedules and meet customer demands.


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