Australian Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Businesses are realising the benefits of operating within one single business system. Being able to share information throughout your business systems is critical to your success.

Dialog’s Australian Payroll module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 improves efficiencies, lower costs and risk, provides better control and faster reporting timelines.

Developed for Australian legislation, Dialog’s Microsoft Dynamics 365Autralian Payroll is:

  • Integration points to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Helps eliminate double entry or data integrity issues

Dialog Australian Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365 simplifies payroll processing and reconciliations. It manages the payroll process from time entry through to cheque printing and direct deposit, including complex calculations for earnings, benefits, deductions and last-minute adjustments. It also handles the Payroll tax obligations and electronic submissions to the ATO.

With flexible user-defined rules, businesses can adapt corporate processes to changing workforce needs and demanding requirements.

Email Payslips

The payslip routine is configurable to automatically email a PDF payslip to employees once the pay run has been completed.

Dialog’s Australian payroll module for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforms the Payroll module into a strategic tool for monitoring performance and deploying personnel across your organisation.

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