Advanced Projects & Timesheets for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dialog’s Advanced Projects and Timesheets for Microsoft Dynamics AX empowers organisations with multiple companies and offices to better control their practices. 

Advanced Projects and Timesheets addresses:

  • Resources paid in one company
  • Working across projects that involve multiple offices or legal entities
  • Manual transfer of resource costs to the companies/division
  • Automated alerts sent to employees who have not entered time sheets
  • Approval of a large numbers of the time sheet and expenses
  • Control around time sheet entry and daily billing

Adding functionality to the Powerful Dynamics AX 2012 Project Module and Dynamics AX Time and Expense Module, Dialog’s Advanced Project & Timesheet Module provides:

Inter-division Timesheet & Resourcing

Intercompany/Inter-Division Timesheet & Resourcing automates the entire process. It automatically detects where employees (resources) belonging to one Company/Division and are being deployed on projects belonging another posting the necessary entries or inter-company entries. The functionality also allows for margins to be added providing you the choice to charge a flat hourly rate or a margin added based calculation.

Billable Timesheet Control

With seamless functionality, configured business rules controls the number of billable hours that can be charged to a project on an employee by employee basis. Employees and Sub-Contractors can enter timesheets against a project without having to know or understand the contractual billing arrangements in place.

Daily Rate Billing

Added functionality to facilitate billing a daily rate to a client, independent of the number of hours entered in time sheeting.

Advanced Labour Costing

A sophisticated labour costing model allows you to quantify all of the components of an employee’s cost that need to be recovered when time is posted. The cost factors can be drawn directly from the Australian Dynamics AX payroll module and added to other components that are applied.

Bulk Timesheet & Expense Approval

Increases the efficiency of reviewing and approving both Timesheets and Expense claims by providing bulk approval functionality.

Advanced Timesheet Alerts Configurator

Configure advanced alerts around key events in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Time and Expense modules. Alerts such as automatically broadcasting notifications about late or un-submitted timesheets can be automatically sent to all offending employees at pre-determined times.

Employee Vendor Creation

Adds the ability for employees to create a vendor (with approvals) when entering expenses claims.

Credit Card Statement Import & Distribution to employees

For organisations using corporate credit cards, allowing the importing of the credit card statement into the Dynamics AX Time and Expense management module, then creates the expense claims on behalf of the relevant employees. Alerts are sent during the creation process so that employees are notified that an expense claim is awaiting their coding and submission. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX

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