Hirefocus for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Having complete control over the entire hire & rental management process, along with the ability to easily handle high volumes of enquiries and transactions quickly, is crucial for hire and rental companies.

Common challenges faced by the industry include ensuring accuracy of rates, efficient contract processing, and the automation of cross promotional products so customers get everything they need in one transaction.

Crucial ERP system elements for the hire and rental organisation are:

  • Fast and intuitive transactions providing more capacity and a positive customer a positive experience
  • Automatically applying any complex discount structure ensuring maximum revenue, and accurate administration

Systems also needs to be flexible, allowing contracts, reservations and quotations to be initiated and executed on in various ways. Things such as deposits and damage waivers are calculated automatically while rental deposit handling allows deposits to be spread over more than one type of payment, and delivered items are automatically prompted for.

Hirefocus is a rental & hire management module for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Allowing hire and rental companies to have the tools they need to manage availability, quotations, agreements and invoicing of all equipment, machines, and vehicles.

Our hire and rental solution will assist your business to understand and track your hire assets throughout the entire hire transaction. Hire agreements can be of a fixed price or line rate nature with price agreements for all hire assets. Each hire line can be an individual asset/item or a kit of assets/items which simplifies data entry. Multi time units of hours, days, weeks, or months are available for each hire asset/item.

Hirefocus has the following key features: hire equipment, AR, returns, agreement, quotations, real-time stock visibility.

Availability – sales are processed accurately, lost sales are minimised, and non-stock items are ordered efficiently. The correct prices and discounts are applied based on a wide variety of discount structures that allow you to fine-tune the applied discounts. Rental, sales and fixed asset items can be transferred between stores and sales items and be converted into rental items or to internal use.

Quotations - correct rates, deposits and late fees are always charged and the system never forgets to offer cross promotional products.  Reservations and quotations can be selected for activation by customer name, customer number, contract number or item number.

Agreements – deposits, delivery prompt, and damage waivers are automatically calculated, and discounted pricing for special customers. The system accommodates multiple companies as well as multiple locations, streamlining communications.

Invoicing - rental and sale items are available for full inquiry during a transaction. User-defined item specifications and messages keep users informed when entering transactions. Automatically generated delivery and pickup improves your staff’s ability to effectively serve your customer.


Hirefocus for Microsoft Dynamics AX' scope of coverage includes:

  • equipment & machinery rental
  • white goods
  • electrical appliances
  • computers
  • furniture
  • event/party hire
  • storage facilities
  • construction
  • agricultural equipment
  • earthmoving/landscaping
  • mining
  • motor vehicles & trailers


Hirefocus for Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Benefits:

  • Manage hire assets capacity
  • Complete hire agreement visibility
  • Hire assets ROI
  • Multi-time unit chargeability
  • Seamless integration with financials
  • Maximise your IT investments

Contact Dialog Dynamics today to discover how we can help your hire and rental organisation streamline its business processes.

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