Meatfocus for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Supply and quality variability, strict industry regulations, and an increasing demand for value-added products create challenges to achieving profitability in the meat and livestock sector.

With Meatfocus for Microsoft Dynamics AX, meat processors have the tools they need to match push-supply with pull-demand, help meet strict quality and compliance standards, manage inventory values based on market price changes, track yields and achieve complete visibility of inventory.

Achieve increased productivity and reduced costs with Meatfocus, a focused ERP software solution for meat and livestock processors and distributors.

Meatfocus provides:

  • Full integration of livestock management
  • Livestock contracts
  • Centralised, comprehensive mob processing
  • Highly flexible user defined price-grids
  • Seamless integration with financials
  • Catch weight or set weight inventory recording
  • Production date and market sales restrictions
  • Shipment and container tracking
  • Product specifications and approvals
  • Retained inventory management
  • Full traceability of inventory
  • Flexible integration with on floor systems

Meatfocus will assist your business to understand and minimise your true costs of processing and distribution whilst ensuring that you meet your quality and delivery commitments. Inverse bills of materials (BOMs) and flexible planning functionality, allows you to manage hundreds of stockkeeping units (SKUs) developed from a single material and generate material resource plans (MRP) for any co-product. You can also track the weight of variable or “catch weight” items at each stage in the manufacturing process so you can place orders, cost products, price, ship, and invoice by actual weight.

Key Benefits

Manage your supply chain capacity. Improve visibility across your supply chain by using the Booking Management process to manage how much, when and where to get livestock delivered. Measure and track yields by item, operation and finished goods, and adjust operations to eliminate waste.

  • Manage costing of inventory with precision. Follow the latest commodity pricing, value inventory at Net Realisble Value (NRV) or cost, use formulas to track co-product costs as allocated costs from raw materials, and cost out by-products, yield, recycles, scrap, and waste.
  • Dual units of measure capability. View and manage your inventory by using catch weight and/or set weight throughout the system.
  • Full traceability of all inventory. View and manage batch and serialised inventory throughout each process of the operation.
  • Seamless integration with shop floor systems. Utilising Microsoft SQL Server technologies data can be seamlessly transferred between the shop floor capture systems and Dynamics AX.
  • Maximise your IT investments. Tight integration with other Microsoft products extends the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to help ensure fast return on investment.

Meatfocus Business Information Flow:

Meatfocus Business Information Flow

Meatfocus Integration with Shopfloor Systems:

Meatfocus Integration with Shopfloor Systems

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX an intelligent ERP business solution which supports industry specific and operational processes, along with core ERP functionality for financial, Project and human resources.

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