Dialog NAV Quick Start Pack

To provide additional functionality for our clients, Dialog Dynamics has developed the Dialog NAV Support Pack, which provides additional add-on components to complement the standard in built Microsoft Dynamics NAV features.

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The Dialog Feature Pack EFT add-on provides the following functionality:

  • Payment of vendors via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • A payments selections report
    • This report shows the transactions to be paid in a payment run.
    • This is provided via the Dialog standard documents.
  • Remittance advice
  • This is provided via the Dialog standard documents.

Bank Reconciliation

The Dialog Bank Reconciliation add-on provides the following functionality:

Ability to import a bank statement file from various Australian Financial institutions.


The Dialog eDocuments add-on provides for the following functionality:

  • Emailing, faxing or printing of the following Dialog standard documents
    • Dialog Sales Invoice
    • Dialog Sales Credit Note
    • Dialog Customer Statement
    • Dialog Purchase Order
    • Dialog Purchase Quote
  • Ability to alter the subject and content of the email
  • Utilisation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Job Queue and Navision Application Server (NAS) for emailing automation

Standard Documents

The Dialog Standard Documents is a set of preformatted documents that improve upon the standard Microsoft Dynamics documents:

  • Accounts Receivable
    • Customer Statement
    • Sales Invoice – services business
    • Sales Invoice – inventory business
    • Sales Invoice – job costing business
  • Accounts Payable
    • Remittance Advice
    • Payment Selections
  • Purchasing:
    • Purchase Order – services business
    • Purchase Order – inventory business
    • Purchase Order – job vosting business
    • Purchase Quote – services business
    • Purchase Quote – inventory business

Low Value Pool

The Dialog NAV Feature Pack Low Value Pool add-on provides the following functionality:

  • Flag a fixed asset as being a low value pool asset
  • Ability to have different depreciation rates for first year and subsequent years
  • A new fixed asset report

Customer BPAY

The Dialog NAV Feature Pack Customer BPAY add-on provides the following functionality:

  • Capture of BPAY information and logos
  • BPAY CRN generation per customer
  • BPAY CRN generation per customer invoice
  • Ability to Import a BPAY bank detail file as a cash receipt journal
  • The Dialog Standard Documents work in combination with the Dialog customer BPAY add-on to display BPAY payment information within the footer of the customer invoice.

To find out more about how Dialog’s NAV Feature Pack can enhance your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution contact us today.

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