Timekeeper for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

TimeKeeper is a web based module specifically designed to streamline the timesheeting process for your businesses. TimeKeeper can be seamlessly incorporated into your website and enables employees to enter timesheet data online. Completed timesheets are then sent to the relevant manager for review and approval before being downloaded to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Timesheet entry

Timesheet information can be entered via the daily or weekly entry options and can include start and stop times or total hours worked. Employees can also optionally enter expense information as well as comments for each timesheet entry. Timesheet entries can be edited right up until they submit their completed timesheet for approval.


Dialog’s TimeKeeper module is a web based application that enables employees to enter timesheets online. Managers can then approve timesheets before they are downloaded to Dynamics NAV.

  • Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Reduce the time and cost involved in collecting and processing timesheets
  • Adaptable to your unique business processes, enhancing your companies competitive edge
  • Online Manager approval of timesheets

Daily Timesheet Entry Mode

Daily Timesheet Entry Mode

Weekly Timesheet Entry Mode

Weekly Timesheet Entry Mode

Expense Entry

Timekeeper enables the recording of expenses against jobs together with timesheet entries.

Manager Approval

When an employee submits a completed timesheet their manager is notified that a timesheet is awaiting approval. Upon logging in the manager is able to view a list of timesheets awaiting approval. Timesheets can be reviewed on an individual line by line basis, timesheet basis or group basis (i.e. all timesheets awaiting approval) and approve or reject timesheets. Rejected timesheet entries are sent back to the employee, along with a reason for rejection, to be corrected and resubmitted. Once a timesheet has been approved it is downloaded to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for processing.

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