Protect your Network, Data and Identity – An IT Security Webinar

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July 5, 2018

Protect your NETWORK. Protect your DATA. Protect your IDENTITY.

We live in a data and technology dependent world in which protecting your business data is critical.

In the battle to defend your business data and technology, you need an edge. You need the ability to operate within your business environment and have the peace of mind knowing your data is protected in the event of user errors, security breaches, hardware failure and viruses.

What’s the risk of ignoring data security?

It’s not just malware, hacking, viruses, spam and online scams that may put your network and data at risk. A poorly secured mobile device or disgruntled employee could prove just as dangerous and allow criminals to steal private data. Furthermore, having a poorly designed and managed backup and disaster recovery plan places your entire business at risk.

Don’t wait for a Disaster!

Online security is vital to protect your businesses virtual assets (electronic data) and IT systems. Knowing about data protection and maintaining a secure online presence will result in building your customers’ trust and help you to meet legal obligations, including privacy laws.

Why watch the recording?

Prevention. The majority of security businesses operate at the point of patching rather than preventing breaches. All Secure IT Services designs and architects solutions with security in mind so as to prevent breaches, rather than simply patching them at the time of crisis.

In the current landscape, a security breach is almost certain. Engineering your IT systems to assume breach is essential to prevent disruption to business operations, minimise long-term loss of data and protect your business relationships.

This Webinar recording will provide you with the opportunity to hear first-hand from Juraj Benak, industry specialist and Founder of All Secure IT Services.

With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, Juraj has worked for a diverse range of industries including multinational IT companies, and financial and academic organisations. With extensive experience in the IT security landscape, Juraj is well-suited to and passionate about sharing his IT security knowledge.

Watch the Webinar recording below.

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