Good distribution management is critical to a company’s ability to keep customers and to sustain profitability.  

Distribution involves many diverse functions such as shipping, warehousing, inventory control, packaging, receiving, logistics planning and customer service.    In today’s fast-paced world it is essential to have key, live information available always, irrespective of where you are.  Good distribution can be differentiator between the success or failure of a business.  If your customer, can’t get the required products on time and as ordered they will go elsewhere. 

Dialog Dynamics has worked with many distribution organisations over the years and fully understands the complexities of this diverse and multi-faceted business process.   By using either Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, depending on complexity, we can assist companies by creating an agile, adaptable and intelligent supply chain. 

Comprehensive reporting provides the analytics and insights that are required to make operational changes as required.  Insights and forecasting help to predict disruptions that may occur.  Using the Microsoft solutions, improve planning, manage the demands on inventory, improve warehousing and inventory controls. 

Our dedicated supply-chain team understands distribution and warehousing. Having worked with Microsoft ERP systems for over 24 years we have an in-depth, detailed knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.   Few partners have the knowledge and experience of the Dialog Dynamics team to assist you with your distribution and warehousing requirements.


Cloud vs on-premises

11 June 2021

Deployment Options On-Premises On-premises software is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the person or organisation using the software.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is business transformation Dynamics 365 business applications allow organisations to digitally transform their organisation.

Why Is Organisational Change Management So Important?

17 June 2021

by Eric Kimberling | May 20, 2021  Change management is one of the most critical success factors for digital transformation and it can be very difficult to sell your executive team or key stakeholders on the concept of change.