Evergreen, efficient,
end-to-end software solution.

A single evergreen platform for your whole business.

The fresh food distribution process is one of the most complex operations to manage. Can your management tools keep up?
Let FreshFocus remove the complications and help you keep pace with the growing demands of your business needs with its centralised, evergreen, end-to-end solution on the Microsoft platform.The average grower uses 27 different apps. It’s hard to be efficient if you plough through them all every day.

With FreshFocus, you can keep the apps you need, remove what you don’t and replace them easily in a single solution framework. So you never have to deal with updates or upgrade to a modern system again.

100% efficient, with minimal disruption. 

No more silo information along the value chain as everyone from growers to sales can communicate and work effectively together. 

Your business can benefit more by saving time and cost with complete inventory visibility and your own flexible model configuration that meets your requirement.

Streamline your operation in one place. Consolidate your apps and tools across all stages of your business process. Manage Grade Out, Pack Out, and Re-processing easily.

Boost confidence, and weed out potential disputes. Get accurate real-time information on sales orders and product availability anywhere, anytime.

Never lose sight of stock movements. Incoming, outgoing, and loading – track where your pallets, cases, and container units are going with quick and efficient recordings.

Improve your process, and reduce the guesswork. Complete consignment tracking & traceability from grower to customer for trade management.

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Cloud vs on-premises

11 June 2021

Deployment Options On-Premises On-premises software is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the person or organisation using the software.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is business transformation Dynamics 365 business applications allow organisations to digitally transform their organisation.

Why Is Organisational Change Management So Important?

17 June 2021

by Eric Kimberling | May 20, 2021  Change management is one of the most critical success factors for digital transformation and it can be very difficult to sell your executive team or key stakeholders on the concept of change.