The focus on these organisations is in providing the services that are required for the specific Indigenous Community.  Each community has similar requirements but there are aspects which make each community unique. 

All communities will receive grants, whether from government or the private sector.  Managers are required to account for the expenditure and distribution of the grants. This requires an agile ERP system that will provide this information, real-time, easily and anywhere.  But as communities are unique – some provide healthcare, some provide aged-care, some provide housing, some provide education and some provide land management – an adaptable, configurable and extensible solution is required.

Dialog Dynamics has had the pleasure of working with many communities over the past 24 years and we fully understand that meticulous reporting practices and careful administration of operating expenses are essential for meeting compliance.  This is required to demonstrate the efficient use of donated and allocated resources to secure future funding. All of this can be extremely challenging when working with multiple funds sources and grants, each with its own set of reporting requirements.

Dialog Dynamics, together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Business Central can assist Indigenous Communities in every facet of their business.   Areas covered include:

  • Funds accounting
  • Grant management
  • Purchase and Expense management with workflows
  • Integrated Payroll with budget and job allocation
  •  Document Management
  • Advanced Reporting

To provide for the uniqueness of the individual communities our comprehensive solution leverages off the strength and depth of the Microsoft community and Microsoft products.   This may entail covering areas such as property management, distribution of medicines, asset maintenance and repairs, food distribution, education… whatever the requirement we will work with you and your team to find the correct solution.  Dialog is your long-term relationship partner.


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11 June 2021

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Digital transformation is business transformation Dynamics 365 business applications allow organisations to digitally transform their organisation.

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17 June 2021

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