The Labour Hire industry has unique business processes that Dialog Dynamics, with its fully integrated LabourHire module manages. The Labour Hire module is developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. 

This is a unique and specially designed solution for monitoring and optimising the business processes of the recruitment industry for permanent and temporary placements.  A solution unmatched by others on the market in terms of its functionality and user-friendliness.

Having designed this solution Dialog Dynamics, with its team of specialists, is able to work the managers and employees to ensure a seamless integration and ensure that data is constantly updated providing a total overview of the company.  It enables you to plan and to make the right decisions on the right basis, thereby contributing to strengthening the company’s competitiveness and earnings – now and in the future.

The system is designed to accept the transfer of information about customers, jobs, contractors and rates from any front-end Recruitment Management system with a smart set of interface tables and code units that can be easily customised to suit customer requirements.

Invoices are generated based on the approved timesheet entries in the job’s modules.  Different employees/contractors can work on multiple jobs.  And billing is calculated on the rates relevant to the specific customer. 

Understanding this industry, and having worked it in many years, Dialog Dynamics is your ideal partner to provide this solution.


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