ERP in manufacturing – better utilisation, more profit 

Especially in manufacturing companies, it is important to keep the machines running, to avoid idle times and to keep the inventory under control at all times. Modern ERP systems support companies in many different ways.

  • Improve on traceablity and tracking of inventory items, serial numbers, lots and receipts
  • Manage part shortages preventing delays production
  • Prevent shipment delaye due to incomplete information on the customer order
  • Easily calcuate complex available to promise delivery dates
  • Accurately and simply plan complex forecasts and production schedules
  • Have complete visability of processes from one screen

Two options are availalble for manufacturing with Microsoft ERP. Use the modern, integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for less complex, mid-market solution, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics Finance to meet complex, intricate manufacturing processes.

With companies facing pressure from overseas competitors, the effects of digital transformation and unpredictable market demands, manufacturing organisations need a reliable ERP solution that will help them overcome these challenges. The Dynamics 365 Business Central, or Dynamics 365 Supply Chain software suite can certainly access with the following key areas:

Enhance Assembly and Production Processes 

Manufacturers with made-to-order products can create specific material planning policies for different sub-assemblies, via the use of  Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. The system can assist with replenishment based on forecast or planned demand to varying degrees of complexity. 

Organisations can establish policies in the to track of completed sub-assemblies or products. Real-time tracking of inventory ensures your organisation does not get caught unprepared.  

Routing management capabilities manage your internal machines, external subcontract processes, and work centers plan versus utilisation.  

Make Financial Management Simple

Microsoft ERP – Business Central and Finance and Supply Chain – are fully integrated with all sub-ledgers, including purchasing, inventory, shop floor control and manufacturing. Integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Power Platform provides visibilty and flexibility of all data, allowing for ease of analysis via reports and dashboards. Management statstics and operational peformance is available as it happens.

Help with Warehouse operation and customer service

Improve efficiency within the warehouse ensuring all inventory movement is visibile. Manage items, lots, serial numbers, pallets, through optimising pick and pack operations using real-time, mobile solutions. Choose the technlogy that best suits your operation and enhance the capabilities with the power of Microsoft ERP

Imagine your entire manufacturing requirements easily managed and analysed via the implementation of the superior Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.  Working with the experienced Dialog team this will become your reality


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