With over 24 years of experience, Dialog Dynamics understands that the successful management of Not-for-Profit and Research and Development organisations is as demanding as it is detailed.  Meticulous reporting practices and careful administration of operating expenses are essential for meeting compliance.  This is required to demonstrate the efficient use of donated and allocated resources to secure future funding. All of this can be extremely challenging when working with multiple funds sources and grants, each with its own set of reporting requirements.

Dialog Dynamics, together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Business Central can assist Not-for-Profit and Research and Development organisations in every facet of their business.  This includes helping charities, trade and membership associations, cultural institutions, faith-based associations and research and development organisations.  Areas covered include:

  • Funds accounting
  • Grant management
  • Purchase and Expense management with workflows
  • Integrated Payroll with budget and job allocation
  • Document Management
  • Advanced Reporting

Source of Funds Tracking, Management & Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics offers funds management features that can accommodate the special requirements in managing multiple funds across multiple projects. By automating funds management, our solutions help reduce errors associated with manual entry and manual reconciliation of funds. Most importantly, it makes reporting easier and accessible.

Grant Management

Microsoft Dynamics solutions help track grant funds and the projects to which those funds are to be applied, help monitor expenditures, and deliver timely reports for full disclosure. With up-to-date information about successful budgeting and grant performance, you can focus your time and energy on the management and allocation of grant funding, rather than spending time tracking allocations.

Purchase and Expenditure Management with Workflow

Effectively tracking purchases and requisitions against budget allocations is essential to helping your organisation protect against overspending. It also ensures that administrators know how much of their budget has been accounted for at any given time. 

Integrated Payroll

An effective human resource management solution can help agencies manage the employee lifecycle from application and hiring, to compensation and benefits, certifications & qualifications, and much more. Dialog PayFocus Payroll offers systems for timesheets, managing employee data, processing payroll, and reporting salary & wages expense against Program and Department budgets.

Browser Based Portals & Mobile Access

Browser based functionality allows your Program Managers to gain online self-service information on the programs and projects they are managing. Downloadable Apps can also provide “on the go” Tablet access to up to the minute financial data, transaction workflow approvals and other key business functions and information.

Document Management linked to Programs & Projects

Integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, Projects can be linked to SharePoint document management sites to manage program and project documentation and provide a collaboration workspace.


Cloud vs on-premises

11 June 2021

Deployment Options On-Premises On-premises software is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the person or organisation using the software.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is business transformation Dynamics 365 business applications allow organisations to digitally transform their organisation.

Why Is Organisational Change Management So Important?

17 June 2021

by Eric Kimberling | May 20, 2021  Change management is one of the most critical success factors for digital transformation and it can be very difficult to sell your executive team or key stakeholders on the concept of change.