Dialog Dynamics are without a doubt your Microsoft Dynamics payroll specialists – PayFocus was developed by Dialog in the mid 2000’s and has been the vehicle ensuring that thousands and thousands of Australians get paid correctly and on time. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central integration with Payroll

PayFocus is fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Business Central, AX and Finance ERP solutions.   It is ATO approved, Microsoft AppSource certified and fully STP 2 compliant. 

Dialog Dynamics has a dedicated payroll team that can assist you through all areas of payroll processing.  The team can also become your “offsite” payroll department if required.  Our dedicated team understand the complexities of payroll and its unique place that it holds for every business.  Supporting this team are the Dialog Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists. With this depth of knowledge, focus and dedication to payroll, there is no organisation better equipped to assist with a Microsoft Dynamics dedicated payroll for Australia. 

Trust the hundreds of customers using PayFocus to pay their employees. 

One of customers said: “I cannot believe how easy it is use PayFocus.  For our operators, it looks and feels exactly the same as the ERP solution.  For Finance, PayFocus embedded in the ERP, uses all the strength and power of the ERP for reporting and analysis.  We do not have to send our data somewhere else to view it.  As it is part of the Microsoft solution, it uses all the security that is inherent with a Microsoft Best of Breed application.  We highly recommend PayFocus.”

PayFocus does not prescribe your HR solution.  Using API’s we can connect to almost any commercially available HR solution. 


Cloud vs on-premises

11 June 2021

Deployment Options On-Premises On-premises software is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the person or organisation using the software.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is business transformation Dynamics 365 business applications allow organisations to digitally transform their organisation.

Why Is Organisational Change Management So Important?

17 June 2021

by Eric Kimberling | May 20, 2021  Change management is one of the most critical success factors for digital transformation and it can be very difficult to sell your executive team or key stakeholders on the concept of change.