Wholesome Harvest Deploys LINKFRESH ERP

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December 21, 2017


Wholesum Harvest is one of North America’s fastest growing organic fruit and vegetable producers. Based in Arizona and family owned and operated, Wholesum Harvest supply grocers and co-ops across the United States and Canada with organic tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, zucchini and eggplants.

The Brief

The Crisantes family owns and operates 3 organic farms; two in Mexico and one in USA, supported by a sales and marketing division.

Each farm operates as a separate entity and all three are growing rapidly. The challenge the business faced, was that different ERP systems were used across the Group creating a lack of structure and cohesiveness.

“The deployment of the LINKFRESH ERP solution was part of an ongoing business wide initiative to establish common practices, standards and systems throughout the Group.  A key objective is to provide a single ERP system for the management and administration of all operational processes and to provide key reporting metrics and KPI’s throughout the business.” Ricardo Crisantes, Vice President, Wholesum Harvest.

The Selection Process

The selection team researched and evaluated the various ERP solutions available for produce industry, talking to friends or peers about their experiences and attending industry events.

Of the solutions which were closely evaluated; one was very suited to Wholesum’s Sales & Marketing business, but did not provide any farming capabilities.

Another provider, who was perceived as one of the industry leaders, could not provide the required multi-language capability to enable Wholesum to operate in two countries in both Spanish and English, and furthermore, support capabilities in Spanish were not available.

Wholesum also considered another Microsoft Dynamics solution based on AX, however, this was described as “a suit that was too big” for Wholesum.

The Solution

The 40 user LINKFRESH solution is deployed across four sites in the United States and Mexico, and included LINKFRESH modules for:

Wholesum also use the LINKFRESH mobility applications and the LINKFRESH Grower Portal. In addition, the LINKFRESH solution provides timesheet management and specific integration to Wholesum’s greenhouse management solution.

As part of the implementation process LINKFRESH coached Wholesum through a business-wide process review exercise, looking at current and ‘to-be’ practices and procedures to identify the most efficient implementation path.

The Business Benefits

One of the most evident benefits following the implementation of the LINKFRESH ERP solution is the more efficient, standardized and transparent business processes which have been implemented across the company.

Ricardo Crisantes comments, “The business process review exercise made us think about all aspects of our business, even the things that weren’t broken, identifying where we could improve. Although we need to have the discipline to stick to the new processes, they have made us a better company. We are transparent now and can make better business decisions based on better data, and we have full traceability now too.”

A further benefit was that Wholesum Harvest were able to use the LINKFRESH NAV ERP functionality in other areas of the business which were initially not considered, such as in Quality Assurance and HR.

“It’s been a pleasant surprise that we can find new functionality to use that we weren’t expecting outside of our core business.” said Crisantes.

“Previously sharing of information between the four business entities was non-existent. Now information can easily be shared between farms, via inter-company functionality. In addition, the multi-currency and multi-language capabilities of LINKFRESH mean that we can use our single ERP solution internationally, beyond the English language. This is important because we grow produce across several countries.”

Another benefit is that because processes are standardized and Wholesum are using a shared single solution, staff are able to easily move roles between the four farming operations, to cover staff shortages or provide additional resources. This would not have been possible before implementing LINKFRESH.

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